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Wow, it looks like magazines aimed at men seems to give women that ” Male gaze” treatment a lot, I am glad that magazines aimed at women do not stoop to such levels.

Oh no, that must just be a one off because men are never objectified 

Ok but its not like the media judges men based on physical appearance

From Popsugar:

Ok but it’s not like we rank them

Alright alright, but we don’t use men’s bodies to sell products

Wow…it’s almost as if men are also used as sex objects too

i agree but how else are they gonna sell men’s objects?
like we gonna put boxers on a turkey?

…or they could have shirts on?? but I mean yah…lets go to boxers on turkeys

Does she even sing anymore is all I wanna know

OP is dumb. Those magazines and ads aren’t objectifying men. They’re idealising them.

Having a hard time seeing how this is idealizing men. So then all the mag covers that have women in provocative positions are just idealizing women then too right? 

Pin-up worthy woman = Objectified

Pin-up worthy man = Idealized

The tumblr feminist victim complex in a little bite sized nugget, ladies and gents.

I…I just…

They’re so desperate to be victims that they can’t even imagine men also suffering similar or the exact same problems.

No. Men are not allowed to suffer.

Men are not allowed to feel pressured by the media to look a certain way.

Men are not allowed to be objectified. Obviously they are just idealized, even though they are being treated and portrayed the exact same way “objectified” women are treated and portrayed.

This is another gross double standard.

A sexy woman on the cover of a magazine aimed at men? Objectification, sexualization, misogyny!

A sexy man on the cover of a magazine aimed at women? Oh, well, they’re just idealized, and it’s obviously a male power fantasy, even though the magazine’s target audience is women.

"They’re idealizing them."

You what what would be ideal to me? You pulling your head out of your ass.

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Literally perfect world would be full of women, women everything, lesbian women, women of colour and disabled women just running everything. Magical. It would be magical. No men. Just women. 

"Literally perfect world would be full of Germans, German everything, white Germans, healthy Germans, just running everything. Magical. It would be magical. No Jews. Just Germans."


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